vALID: AI-Driven Decision-Making in the Clinic

New publication: Own Data? Ethical Reflections on Data Ownership

June 15, 2020

A new vALID publication as appeared in Philosophy & Technology. In “Own Data? Ethical Reflections on Data Ownership”, Patrik Hummel, Matthias Braun and Peter Dabrock explore the notion of data ownership in the clinic and beyond. The authors identify a whole range of different concerns that are negotiated under the heading of ‘data ownership’. Besides a systematization of various connotations and understandings, the paper develops a constructive interpretative proposal: calls for data ownership are charitably understood as attempts to call for the redistribution of material resources and the socio-cultural recognition of data subjects. The article is freely accessible.


New publication: Primer on an Ethics of AI-based Decision Support Systems in the Clinic

April 3, 2020


A first vALID publication has appeared in the Journal of Medical Ethics. In their “Primer on an Ethics of AI-based Decision Support Systems in the Clinic”, Matthias Braun, Patrik Hummel, Susanne Beck and Peter Dabrock describe ethical and legal challenges of AI-driven clinical decision making. They also formulate first suggestions on how the notion of “meaningful human control” could be understood in such contexts. Besides the article, the authors have published an entry in the blog of the Journal of Medical Ethics. Both the article and the blog entry are freely accessible.


vALID kickoff-meeting, Berlin

March 11, 2020


The kick-off meeting of vALID took place in Berlin on March 11. Besides organisational issues/matters, the meeting already focused on initial questions of content that the project team will address over the next three years: which actors are involved in the clinical decision-making process and how, if AI is the third party besides physician and patient? Who is responsible for errors? What would it mean to make the black box AI in the clinic transparent for users and patients/parties concerned? How could the ideal of trustworthy AI in the clinic be fulfilled in these contexts? To answer these questions, first hypotheses and working steps/stages were defined. The project team looks forward to keeping you informed about developments in vALID on these pages.


Press release on the vALID project

November 6, 2019

In a press release, the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg informs about the new interdisciplinary research project vALID, which investigates ethical and legal challenges in the use of artificial intelligence in clinical decision making.